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FORE HIRE’s mission is to connect former college golfers to job and career opportunities within both the golf industry and outside industries.


  • Connect you to opportunities and companies that value the intangible assets you have from being a golfer and athlete at all levels during your career from internships to career advancement opportunities
  • Professional development opportunities throughout the year that will help you become ready for your next opportunity


  • Connect directly to opportunities and companies through our job fairs throughout the year, offereing access to openings for all levels during your career from entry level positions to career advancement opportunities
  • Companies attending these events value the intangible assets you have from being a golfer and athlete


  • Learn how to be prepared for your job search by prepping your resume and best interview tips
  • Hear from former collegiate golfers that have successfully transitioned from playing to careers across many different sectors


  • Fill out a profile to enter the FORE HIRE Candidate Database you can be easily found when companies are looking for candidates with your preferences and experiences
  • If interested in golf industry postions, Create an account at then create a Job Seeker Profile and explore careers in the golf industry through the interactive My PGA Journey
  • Make sure your resume is up to date and prepared to be customized for different opportunites
  • Update your Linkedin profile with as much information as possible
  • Participate in upcoming events, job fairs and educational sessions
  • Check out our resources for tips and ideas on how to prepare for interviews and the job searches
  • Visit our job page to explore current openings
  • Set up a one-on-one meeting to discuss your future! Email:
  • Notify us once you get a job or internship so we can remove your name from the database of candidates and support you in other ways as you advance your career


Please take a look at the resource material below, ranging from various videos of womens panels, and a forum where the panelists discuss the mindset that athletes bring to the table in a professional business career. 

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